Waste Acceptance Conditions

Waste Acceptance Conditions

*Explosives, Radioactive Wastes, Slaughterhouse Wastes, medical wastes are not accepted in our facility.

*Waste whose definition and code are not specified within the scope of the license are not accepted.

*While it is within the scope of the license, wastes that are not found suitable as a result of examination and analysis are not accepted.

The wastes declared by you will be recycled in our facility if the following conditions are met. Waste is accepted at our facilities between 08.00 and 17.00 on weekdays and Saturdays. In case of sending waste outside of the specified hours, waste will not be accepted.

* Considerations when sending waste

Mode of transportation: Wastes that fall under the category of hazardous waste according to the Waste Management Regulation, must be transported by vehicles with hazardous waste transportation licenses in accordance with the relevant articles of the Regulation, with the transportation process and cost belonging to our company or the company that generates the waste, according to the agreement. During transportation, the vehicle’s hazardous waste transport license certificate, driver training certificate, National Waste Transportation Form, which will be taken by the company that produces waste from the Environment and Urbanization Directorate of the province where the company is located, separately for each type of waste sent, the delivery note and the waste label will be filled and sent with the vehicle carrying the waste.