“LUREC” at a Glance

Quality always keep in the forefront, in the recycling industry, we have achieved the trust and confidence that has since successfully along with all of our employees and our mission, we have adopted ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 safety management system understanding, and solutions that are respectful to nature and the environment in accordance with the legal regulations and adopt it as a way of life and an understanding of our activities and by developing cross, hold our customers the highest level of satisfaction, in line with the demands and expectations of our customers, we act with a mentality that believes in continuous improvement of our employees to take the necessary measures and to protect the security job at a high level, in accordance with the rules of the existing occupational health and safety risks to minimize the environmental impacts of our activities keep within acceptable limits, as a basic policy to conduct all the activities necessary to be a leader in the industry, declares and undertakes.

"Every day, it gets better..."


Quality Control Laboratory

We offer reliable solutions with proper planning and our experienced team.

Laboratory Quality Policy

We always provide services with the most advanced technological experimental devices with our expert staff who are constantly trained in their fields.

Waste and Codes That Will be Accepted to the Facility

The waste codes that we accept for our facility are listed on the relevant page. You can also get detailed information by contacting us.

Waste Acceptance Conditions

Wastes that will be accepted to Lurec facilities are subject to certain conditions and you can follow these conditions on the relevant page.